September 11, 2015

NDT Vault

Is the “NDTVault” really a more efficient way to view and exchange images?  

Yes, is the short answer.

Two of the most important benefits of our NDT VAULT xsmallNDTVault solution is improved efficiency and lowered costs. NDTVault eliminate the requirement for physical storage space. One of the main advantages for your business is the secured sharing of your data! Having the ability to only share your images with your client or contractor or sub-contractor but also share the cost and responsibility of storage. 

Associated documents such as NDT reports, Videos, and PDF’s can be archived.  With Cloud based storage and access, the NDT information is available to authorized users 24/7 from any Internet browser, especially useful in emergency situations. 

There are no real technical challenges that make widespread access to NDT studies impossible; the existing challenges are financial or political.  Imagine if every NDT study, whether industrial or medical, could be made instantly available to anyone who needs to see it.  This is what happens with our NDTVault solution, a Cloud application – the owner of the study simply grants permission for access to whomever needs to see it.   

This kind of instant access can result in progressively larger gains in efficiency.  For doubters, we recommend a trial run to get the feel of NDTVault.  Ask us how you can get started.

Benefits of Digital Files:

Digital files have several benefits including extended life, easy access and convenient transfer. Analog images converted to digital are no longer subject to environmental conditions and deterioration of the image itself. Once converted, the need for climate controlled storage is diminished, while improving data archiving through ease of access and transferability

  • Eliminate image preservation cost – save existing/future costs
  • Silver rebates – generate existing asset revenue
  • Digital images – enhanced inspection/evaluation
  • Rapid visibility & reports – save time, money, personnel
  • Data integrity – permanent accuracy for auditing
  • Digital artifacts – never lose image quality
  • Digital archive – forever available for primary/disaster recovery
  • Faster, easier – evaluations & decisions
  • Share